ICMT 2021 Registration

The new registration system has been opened for submission!

A new, updated conference registration system has been developed. The new system does not require any login from neither authors nor visitors, hopefully simplifying the process for publishing authors. Also, updated calculations fields and automatic invoice generation can provide transparent information about conference fees.

As a publishing author, you can find the form for paper submission here and as a visitor, you can register yourself here.

A filled out copyright form will be required during the submission of the paper. Previously, authors were required to provide it along with the camera-ready version of their paper, yet this always created confusion in the final stages of the conference preparation, because the number of participants always forgot to upload it and without the copyright form, the paper could not be published.

A similar issue was with the required registration of the presenting author - participants usually forgot that they were required not only to register for the conference but also as a presenting author. This has been incorporated into the registration form, hopefully simplifying both the registration and conference preparation process.   

Due to the use of JavaScript, older and no longer supported browsers might have issues - specifically Internet Explorer.